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Air to Water Chillers with Screw Compressors
Product Category
Air to Water Chillers & Heat Pumps
BRAC Air to Water Chiller with Screw Compressor

Refrigerant R407C / R134a

Cooling capacity
164,0 kW - 1.342,9 kW (R407C)
152,1 kW - 1.198,2 kW (R134a)

The BCOOL BRAC large capacity series includes packaged air-cooled water chillers with TWIN SCREW compressors, for cooling applications and outdoor installation. BRAC units are available in several types and models, with nominal cooling capacities ranging from 152,06 up to 1.342,87 kW.

The BCOOL BRAC series is ideal, in combination with water terminal units or air-handling units, for air-conditioning in commercial applications, such as office-buildings, business centers, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, entertainment centers, etc., or for supplying chilled water in industrial applications.

  • Optimized design for operation with R407C / R134a refrigerant.
  • Casing: Galvanized Steel plate with polyesteric coating.
  • Assembly: Fully bolted, welding free.
  • Compressor: Twin Screw, semi-hermetic.
  • Air heat exchanger: Cross finned coil, with internally grooved copper tubes and louvered aluminium fins.
  • Direct drive propeller fan: Low rpm, quiet operation.
  • Water heat exchanger: Shell and tube type.
  • Electronic expansion valve.
  • Free Cooling coil: Cross finned coil, with copper tubes and aluminium fins.
  • Optionally: Hydromodule / Heat recovery exchanger, for sanitary hot water up to 80⁰C.
Safety and functional devices
  • Phase sequence - phase failure - reverse phase and voltage monitoring device.
  • Electronic microprocessor control with digital display.
  • Stepless compressor control, continuously regulating output capacity from 25% to 100%, in accordance with load demand.
  • Linear fan speed regulation / step function fan control, according to coil temperatures.
  • Liquid injection cooling system, to ensure the appropriate gas discharge temperature.
  • Electronic expansion valve, ensuring constant suction gas superheat at all operating conditions.
  • High pressure relief valve on compressor discharge.
  • Differential water pressure switch.
  • High / low pressure switch.
  • Evaporator low temperature protection.
  • Various optional capabilities.

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