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1.Slide-Product BAWCH-S Series 2.Slide-product BAWCH-M Series 3.Slide-Product BAWCH-L Series 4.Slide-Product BRAC Series 5.Slide-Product BWWC Series 6.Slide-Product BRT CH Series 7.Slide BCU (W) Series 8.Slide-Product GEO Series 9.Slide-Product AHU Series


BCOOL is committed to high quality of its products and services and guarantees complete customer satisfaction. The company implements a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 Standards, in design, manufacture, sales, trade of spare parts and technical support of HVAC and Refrigeration systems. All products are compliant with the directives of the Council of European Union and bear the “CE” mark.

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